understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Could we presume to think perhaps there will be a collection of instruments come forth – for instance, the substance of the blue sapphire, that when one will harmonize with the tonal effects of that color, will actually be in the same vibratory rate?

Saint Germain:    Not only will it produce the exact quality of that Perfection, but it will produce the color visible in the atmosphere and give the vibratory combination with it. Sound and color will become one, and one will produce the other.

Can you imagine the effects for a few moments of, say, seven instruments, each one representing a jewel producing that perfect quality which would produce its perfect color? Can you imagine that effect upon a group of mankind for thirty minutes? Then don’t you see how it would be impossible for a destructive vibratory action to ever act within the compass of the walls in which this was produced.

For instance, you take a building like the Shrine Auditorium – you would find you would qualify the walls of the building as a fixed focus of this vibratory action. It would not go outside those walls, but would produce that Perfection within them. That is how We hold within a certain compass a certain vibratory action; then the full power of that would be held within the radiance of that building and within the radiance of the bodies that were within it.

Therefore, you would produce exact results in every one of those bodies, because that would have no human resistance. It makes no difference what previously had been acting in that human body. When that vibration went forth, the other would be unable to act; and probably when it was finished, it would not be there to act. Therefore, you see how We are coming at very, very definite action that produces always the same mathematical results, because then outer conditions will not interfere with that vibratory action which is the power governing.

Question:    How about using jewels for healing?

Saint Germain:    You see, that would be the concentrated focus of this Power which we are speaking of. That would be – for the sake of explanation, shall we say in case of emergency that would hold the powerful, concentrated focus.

Now then, please understand this; then we must stop:  In this vibratory action of which we are speaking, it would be impossible, no matter what the vibratory action had previously been within that human form, to produce a discordant thing there within it. This is the point I want you to get and hold in your mind.

Therefore, it is not a matter of how much attunement that physical body has in itself, but this would compel the attunement and sustain it. Now we are getting at the Demand of the Cosmic Light. You see? That is coming back into Perfection, which the Golden Age represents.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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