understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will find from time to time more and more marvelous things will come forth by which to hold the attunement of the people; but oh, there is so much! We cannot bring it all forth at once.

There are certain instruments, perhaps five or seven, which will produce some extraordinary results. I won’t say anything further about it; but when you get that certain combination together, it will produce a result on an audience that will be very, very remarkable. These are modern musical instruments.

Question:    Do you refer to the combination of the instruments in the orchestration?

Saint Germain:    Yes. You see, the outer world had believed that certain instruments in orchestration are essential. You will find you will be able to change those with other combinations, producing far greater results than has so far seemed to be authority for that in the outer world.
If you were to hear the flute We have, you would hardly be able to distinguish it from the human voice.

Question:    Is that made of amber or a special material?

Saint Germain:    A substance of Our own composition.

Question:    Is that the same substance the harps are made of?

Saint Germain:    Quite similar to what the violins are made of.

Question:    Could the substance of jewels be used?

Saint Germain:    That is being done. You will remember I said to you, the harp and the violin were made of a substance similar to mother-of-pearl; then can you for a moment imagine the exquisite tone of the vibratory action from that which is the purity of a pearl! You see, jewels are the most perfect substance in the vibratory action of that color; so, if substance was drawn forth into the production of instruments representing that color, naturally your perfect tone production would be there.

We have an instrument of far greater perfection than that one which I brought from Arabia for Mrs. Rayborn, that produces within three minutes a perfect attunement of the body, the physical structure. When the time comes that We can bring that forth, We will do so; but We will keep the instrument from the visibility of the audience because, of course, the human inclination the minute something comes forth is to try to imitate it; and that could not be permitted, because they would probably produce the exact opposite effect.  Then in some of these things the curiosity of mankind will reach its peak to hear something which they are not permitted to see.

Question:    Could not a record be made and played over the public address system? Would that do it?

Saint Germain:    Yes; but remember, in the reproduction of a thing you are bound to lose some of its perfection. When a thing is produced from an individual through the instrument – I mean in the perfection of the attunement of the “Presence” – you produce a certain result. In other words, you set forth causes that produce the exact result, while to produce that through a machine means you have lost some of the effect.

Of course, now I am referring to these instruments we are just discussing that come forth of this perfect substance; for really, the substance is perfect and produces perfect vibratory action for a given result. That is not known in the outer world so far.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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