understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You don’t realize Dear Ones, how the outer world is craving this Perfection, which they know is being made manifest. There are already individuals who, if they dared, would offer this good Messenger millions of dollars to give them certain things; but they know they dare not do it.

You have little evidence of how there is not anything in the world that could not be brought forth as We are able to flash these Words to the Messenger. Don’t you realize Dear Ones, that there is not one thing in the world of invention, discovery, or anything else that could not be brought forth?

For instance, in the attunement of the music which you are being prepared for, don’t you see that if it were necessary and you were not bringing it back clearly, I could prompt you through this Messenger to do the thing that was necessary? I am somewhat of a musician Myself, as well as an inventor. However, I do not have to use a brush in My artistic work.

Therefore, realize Dear Ones, that you stand in the open doorway of all the Perfection there is. Isn’t it worth any effort? Oh, there is no such thing as “sacrifice”; don’t you see that?  Whatever you discard of the outer world is a release instead of a sacrifice of any kind. Is there anything in human creation that would be a sacrifice for you to let go of?

Well, I think we have had quite a long visit this morning.

Question:    Doesn’t the vibraharp bring balance in the three bodies – balance the energy and the whole vibratory action of the three bodies?

Saint Germain:    Now, let Me suggest that if you would play the “Song of the Islands” on that instrument, you would no doubt produce some very amazing results.

Question:    How about having some play it while you are working?

Saint Germain:    Marvelous.

Question:    How about making a transcription of the “Song of the Islands” on the vibraharp? Wouldn’t that carry a very wonderful attunement over the air?

Saint Germain:    Very! I want you all, if you will, to be so firm against all outer human suggestion, that when you have an inspiration – of course, be sure that the Inner Impulse is coming from your “Presence”; then quietly go ahead and carry it out, and see whether it works out, because that is the way you attune yourself for whatever your “Presence”, through the Higher mental Body, might want to do.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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