understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I know you will all rejoice with Me when I say to you, I have never in three hundred years felt so encouraged, so rejoiced at the possibilities of achievement, even with that which has already been achieved.

Question:    Can we call forth a Temple of the Great Silence in Yosemite, into which You can focus Your Power?

Saint Germain:    Dear Ones don’t you see – no one can possibly conceive what your Call to Life might produce. Don’t you see! Not even We might, for the moment, know just what that great earnest, intense Call to Life might produce to bring into outer manifestation. How can you know unless you make the Call?

Even if you did not find the outer manifestation within a certain scope of time, still would that Call, having gone forth, produce results beyond your fondest imagination. Therefore don’t hesitate ever to make the Call to Life – which is your “Mighty I AM” – for any of these things that you conceive of.

Don’t you see Dear Ones: from the Great Law’s standpoint, you cannot conceive of a thing in the intellect that would not be possible of attainment. You cannot do it; it is not possible.

Question:    Let us make a written record of this while we are on the grounds, in full, specific detail; and will You focus the Unfed Flame within that to be maintained here forever?

Saint Germain:    We have already established the Unfed Flame here. We established that the other night. It would become visible when that is established.

Question:    When we look at “The Fire Ball”, that must be a symbol of something. Could it stand for a symbol of gold in this valley?

Saint Germain:    It is a threefold symbol: first, of the radiance of gold underneath; then the Purification by fire; then it represents the Unfed Flame in Its Fullness. Always qualify it as that, as you observe it.

Don’t you see there is no condition that would be for the perfection of mankind, that would not be possible of achievement. You know, sometimes when Life chooses to become the operation of a place, that place is sometimes offered for sale; and Life, being the abundance of all the money supply there is, would naturally produce it for the purchase.

Again we come back to the same old point – why the absolute harmony is needed. Then these things can so much more quickly come about.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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