understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Even a few calling with great intensity do not completely answer for the Call which should come from each one?

Saint Germain:    If We could – I don’t mean this in numbers, because We have to be careful; it is rather quality or volume. Now, you take the whole mass of humanity, and you take fifty-five percent of them. That would give the balance which We require. But at the same time, We do not require that fifty-five percent in numbers; We require it in volume of energy released.

For instance, as soon as We have six hundred thousand who are earnest, loyal, and determined, I believe today as I see it, that sufficient volume would be released to hold that more than fifty-one percent, perhaps fifty-three percent of the volume for the whole of mankind.

Do you not see how it is a magnificent thing beyond any concept of mankind in the world, to think that volume could be released by that number for the whole of mankind? It is a stupendous thing!

But the Great Law of Life knows this is the last opportunity for the Earth; and unless the Victory is won this time, well, the Earth will have to experience the conditions, and the Earth would largely become barren.

Question:    Cannot we consider destructive individuals the same as we consider discarnate entities, as to free will now?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Don’t have any qualms of conscience, Dear Ones. When an individual has become wholly destructive, it would be a thousand times better to make the Call and have them taken out of the body and stop that accumulation. You cannot destroy Life, but you can stop further accumulation of that destructive thing that is causing that for them. Of course I understand thoroughly that those poor unfortunate creatures have believed the old foolish idea.

Question:    If each one of us would, three times a day, call to the “Presence” and the Great Ones to release the maximum quantity of energy to us, so that we could pass it back again to You, would that not take care of that?

Saint Germain:    No. I would not attempt to do that, because it is too dangerous. One might do it for a time; then you might be off guard. I would not attempt it. Anyhow, it is not quite the correct thing, because mankind has to make the effort.

You cannot just do a thing for someone – the Law of their Being is demanding effort upon their part. You can make the Call, that is all right; but leave it to the Great Wisdom and Power of Life to render the Service. Their own Life Stream has to have the expansion within Itself from their own Call.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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