understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Things like the war entity that we have consumed, they can never come back again, can they?

Saint Germain:    No, I do not say that they could not. It is just exactly like the conditions with an individual. You can have dissolved and consumed every vestige; yet, you can start in and by the lack of self-control rebuild that again. But of course, it would not be anything like that which it had been, because that is the accumulation of the ages. Now, this accumulation of the present would be but a fragment in comparison with the vast accumulation of the past.

This is the point with you: because you are the Heart Focus of this, it must spread to others. But the reason I am stressing this now in this vibratory action today is so you won’t forget it.

Remember, you are calling forth ten, twenty, forty, maybe fifty times the energy that you were able to call forth before. Now then, if you requalify that by the lack of self-control, don’t you see, then you would be building that many times more rapidly than you were able to build in the past? Because of a lack of understanding, it was just a condition of forces acting.

Question:    Now these things can be done more quickly.

Saint Germain:    Yes, it would if it was allowed to act; but since these Decrees are acting for the continual dissolving of all human creation, then it will prevent the starting of the accumulation of that again.

That is why in withdrawing all power, energy, substance, and money from these destructive individuals, then it is just like you were gathering that up and preventing any further accumulation of that particular thing – because, you see, individuals who want to influence or propagate conditions that build for war, when you withdraw the money, energy, substance, and intelligence from that, then you have withdrawn the power that enables them to accumulate.

While it may sound like a simple thing to you, I tell you Dear Ones, you have no idea how far-reaching it is, because that gives Us the opportunity to take it up and amplify it.

Don’t you see, We cannot do a thing for your world, We being free from it; it is the people in this world in the need and requirement that must make the Call for Us to do the things that We can do – but We cannot do it without the Call.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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