understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Why Dear Ones, it almost makes one weep with gratitude that Life has brought forth such a clear, definite, magnificent Understanding of Life – simple, yet Majestic, and All-powerful. Why to think, in Our Attainment We had to, by sheer power of a determined will, call these things forth – why, with such determined effort that you could not imagine. You do not know what it means today, because everything is coming to you with such ease and such assistance.

Why, think! Think of My constant Promptings – never before in the world permitted. The Great Divine Director in His firmness will not give further Promptings, but when I know that with every one of you it is possible for you to hold that self-control, and in your Calls release from your “Presence” the Invincible Power of Perfection, I take upon Myself the Responsibility of giving you additional Promptings if your actions are out of order from the Divine Law.

I tell you Dear Ones, I presume I ought to correct it a little for you. We have often talked about intellectual vanity. As I observe it more and more, it is really a sinister intrusion from the psychic world that utilizes that to sidetrack mankind. It is not so much within themselves.

I tell you Beloved Ones, if you were to see how We have stirred the depths of hell. This Light, this Knowledge has stirred to its very depths the power of all destructive forces; and it had to be, because they must be dissolved and consumed. But you two Precious Messengers, you will never know until your Ascension what you have stood against. Now, not that you should ever be off guard, but it will be so much easier.

Try, Beloved Ones, to comprehend what the dissolving and consuming of the war entity of the world means. Good Heavens, never in the history of the Earth has such a thing ever been contemplated by the Great Ones of the Light!

Question:    In doing that, You have taken from the sinister force its most vicious weapon.

Saint Germain:    Exactly. Of course, if you could openly – but I do not think it wise yet, but as soon as it seems advisable, I will let you know – if these great Groups of Students could issue that Decree that all abnormal sex desire be dissolved and consumed from the experience of mankind and its accumulation of the past, I tell you, mankind would be released from more than any words could ever describe.

Question:    We did give that Decree.

Saint Germain:    Yes; but it stirs the fiends so tremendously, I think it is not wise to do too much of it yet. Always in your private decrees you can do that. Oh, you have no idea the fiendishness that it stirs within individuals, some of them.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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