understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:    Will this instrument that you just referred to, that the Great Divine Director wishes to bring forth, will that do for mankind something similar to the one on Atlantis which they used on criminals?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Within a few minutes or an hour or so, it will bring the Perfect Balance of the atomic structure of the body. That means adjustment of the feeling world.

Question:    That would be the person making the declaration?

Saint Germain:    Well yes, because of the change in the Cosmic Activity, which is setting aside the destructive free will; then you can do things which would not be permitted before. You can so decree while this is taking place that it will be permanently sustained within the individual, thereby rendering a service which has never in the history of the Earth been permitted before; but the Cosmic Light is making it possible for this to be done. The Free Will of constructive activities has not been set aside; so, it will be, so far as the destructive qualities are concerned.

Question:    Are not mankind mostly hypnotized; and when they are hypnotized to a certain point, they cannot cut themselves free without assistance from without?

Saint Germain:    No; but as the destructive free will is set aside, that in itself will be a great release to mankind. Now, notice this carefully: any condition that has become a habit within an individual has, to some degree, what you would outwardly term a hypnotic influence, because it is involuntary action.

The destructive accumulation of mankind has caused not only pressure, but this hypnotic effect upon the whole mass of mankind; and until their attention was called to the “Mighty I AM Presence” and the use of the Violet Consuming Flame, mankind had not a chance on Earth, or anywhere else, of getting free.

Notice Blessed Ones, how really tragic it is. As long as the Violet Consuming Flame is not understood and used with dynamic Power, the accumulation builds and builds from one embodiment to the other.

I do not mean between times, but whatever has been built in one embodiment stands there. It has to remain, waiting for the individual to come again; then it enters into the feeling world of that individual, because it is their own creation – and think what that is, to build for a hundred embodiments!

Think of it Dear Ones, then think what this Understanding means to mankind today!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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