understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I say to you, it is wonderful to be happy; but you can be happy without saying and doing things when you are not in a happy state, as it has its effect in the feeling world of each other. So I think you should use discrimination. Don’t say things that could be construed as unkind to each other, because in those unguarded moments you start the disturbance again.

Question:    To some degree, if we say the thing, we are responsible if we stir the other fellow into a discordant feeling.

Saint Germain:    It does not make any difference whether that thing is intended or not; if it actually does that, you are responsible for stirring them up. You see? Oh, we are steadily and surely getting at the understanding of this. I am sure everyone will hold such perfect self-control they won’t do those things.

But notice now – here are the two conditions: One is in the happy state and continues to say things that could be construed as unkind. The other person, for some reason, is not just in a perfect state of harmony; then that thing strikes through into the feeling world.

Well, the two conditions are acting: One should not have said it; the other should have controlled their feelings. So both are making themselves a part of the inharmony in the feeling world.

These are things that are acting; but unless you understand them, don’t you see you are helpless before them! That is where self-control is the most vital thing of all qualities in the Universe. You cannot have Perfection as long as you refuse to give obedience and hold self-control of your feeling world.

That is why many times people have made Application sufficiently dynamic and have produced wonderful results, but they have not held the self-control within their own feeling world. It seems almost incredible!

For instance, I call your attention to Mr. Ballard’s experience with his associates in Los Angeles – before his experiences began in northern California. You do not know these people – as far as I know – but when they came to him, asking for money, and he would not “dish it out” to them, their feelings turned to hatred against him, and they spread every vicious lie imaginable.

One man was on his knees to this good Messenger repeatedly as long as he got his way; but when Mr. Ballard would not give him the money he asked for, he turned bitter toward him and his Work.

Those people will reap what they sow – it cannot be otherwise. If they do not do something to correct it, they will come into the next embodiment in a far worse condition than ever. They won’t find you blessed ones to vent their venom against, but it will be some other condition.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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