understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Since you came here, so much more – I mean by that, so much greater speed of accomplishment has been done than I had even expected, that I am speaking this way today; for I do want so much to have definite, firm, powerful action now in the things we can accomplish.

When We have the Power in Our Hands, and the Wisdom, why go on just in a halfway manner when We can enter into the full Power of Action and give this great Blessing that is so needed – not only that, but draw the great Perfection forth for yourselves as well.

Question:    Cannot each one with firm determination make the Call to you and the Great Divine Director, the “Mighty I AM Presence” first, to do now whatever is necessary to take the last fragment of the human out of everybody, and replace it by the Ascended Masters’ Obedience and Self-Control to provide whatever is needed this moment?

Saint Germain:    That is all right; but you see, so little remains within the feeling world of each one. The Call is all right; but unless the individual makes conscious effort at self-control, it won’t do it. We are always ready to give assistance, but We cannot do it when there is not the willing obedience in the determination to hold self-control.

You can clear away everything within the feeling world of the individual, and in the lack of self-control they can begin to generate more and more right away. You see?

There is always the effect remaining, sometimes a short period after the cause is cleared and consumed, because that is in the force field around the Points of Light in the physical structure; but that of itself would have no effect upon the individual if they were determined in their self-control. That is why I have said so often, you cannot have Perfection without the determination to consciously hold self-control within the outer activity of the individual.

Now, just take it, for example, among yourselves: when you are all in a very happy state, you can say things to each other and it does not have any effect. It is just a happy expression. But you take people when they are a little out of harmony, and you say the same things; then it starts a furious feeling within them. Now, that is the lack of self-control.

You see, when everybody is happy, things roll off; but when they are not, they don’t. Then it begins to act and revolve in the feeling world.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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