understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now I want to call your attention – perhaps some of you have heard the explanation; but the first patient that this good Messenger had in his experience of healing was one in whom the muscular contraction drew the left hip right out of place. Now let us understand the cause.

Because of the abnormal sex activity of the individual, the psychic forces through the feeling world were acting upon that individual; and when he resisted that, the psychic forces would, by the viciousness due to disappointment, cause that muscular contraction from the feeling world that drew the hip out of place.

Question:     Just because they failed to gratify that desire?

Saint Germain:     Exactly: These are conditions – if mankind understood, they would be able to free themselves at once. From the time he laid his hand over that hip, which disconnected the psychic forces from that muscular activity, the patient was well.

Question:     Did that come from this embodiment or another?

Saint Germain:     That was from this embodiment.

Question:    It does not necessarily have to be this embodiment, does it?

Saint Germain:    Oh no. So many of the causes of things are from past embodiments. That is why I say to you, Beloved Ones, why do you think We would day after day, month after month, implore the people to use the Violet Consuming Flame? Because It will release mankind from those conditions.

Now, when you stop to consider that the human cannot produce the Violet Consuming Flame, but you call your “Presence” to produce It – which is all Wisdom, all Power, all Love – don’t you see, whether you were conscious of It or not, if you asked It to be sustained, it would be a comparatively short time until everything would be dissolved and consumed from your feeling world that had been the means by which the sinister force could reach in and touch any one of you at the most unexpected time. That is why I have asked these things.

Question:     When all is said and done, all cause of discord is psychic. The minute there is any discord, there is an intrusion on the emotional body.

Saint Germain:     Dear Ones, will you just listen to that, please. That is absolutely true. There is no discordant activity that is not an intrusion into your feeling world by the psychic forces. You see?

Now, it is nothing to be scared of. It is nothing to be disturbed about; only, if you understand what is acting, then you will be firm in holding your self-control, and be prompted the minute something discordant starts to act. Then you have your signal that it is a sinister thing that is undesirable and must be dismissed.

You have absolutely within your own grasp all that is necessary to dismiss any disturbance or sinister thing – whether it is projected at you, or whether it is individually within your own accumulation, or whatever it is.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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