understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“It is the Great Divine Director’s Desire and Intent to bring forth a mechanical action through which the attunement of the physical body can quickly be brought into absolute adjustment. Now that means not only the atomic structure of the body, but the vibratory action will cause the spine and the bone structure to come into perfect position.

If you understand that the Light Pattern of the body can never be changed, and that for instance, the spine that gets out of order comes not from abnormal physical positions so much as an activity in the feeling world – that causes the abnormal position.

Now for instance, one can sit slumped in a chair – well, that is not from an outer thing; that activity comes from within the feeling world, which causes you to slump. If the vibratory action through the feeling world was acting normally at all times, the spine would stay straight and in perfect condition – even when you are lying down in bed, you would not curl up.

That is the abnormal condition in the feeling world that produces these outer effects. You would find that the individual with a normal action in the feeling world would lie perfectly straight in bed, either on the side or on the back, and there would not be the inclination to curl up in abnormal positions.

Now, for instance, the medical world will say to you, “Because of habit you have produced an abnormal condition of the spine.” That does not come from outer habit. It comes first from a cause in the feeling world that causes those positions.

Therefore, the cushions between the vertebrae in mankind are constantly moving. The cushions between the vertebrae of the spine are not such that they would come into an abnormal position without an activity within the feeling world.

Therefore, I say to you, every physical condition that exists has its cause within the feeling world, whether it is an abnormal position of the spine, the bone structure out of position, or whatever it is.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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