understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Greetings, Beloved Ones! It is with great Joy that I observe your enthusiasm and determination in getting at the verification of the Truth of the Light. I have asked all the Students everywhere to be patient until the vibratory action becomes raised to a point where certain Manifestation can begin to take place.

You are at a point where this can be done, but it will not be done as long as there is anyone not holding self-control and allowing criticism and condemnation to go through their feeling.

One who has not been attuned through the years cannot possibly comprehend what it means to receive vibratory actions through the atomic structure of the body. A thing may not be wholly uncomfortable and yet be destructive; but when a thing gives you joy, enthusiasm, and the great uplift, then you can be sure that whatever position you are in at the time, that vibratory action acts upon the atomic structure and you will have perfect results.

When the body is out of harmony through discord revolving in the feeling, there is a certain constructive music that would produce a perfect activity within the vibratory action of the body, if it is attuned.

Now then, the “Song of the Islands” is one melody that no matter where the vibratory action of the body is – the atomic structure – it will take hold and raise and bring the body back into attunement. It is one of the very few melodies thus far that will perform that service for the structure of the human form.

There are other melodies, after the body is brought to a certain attunement, that will take hold and act – probably not so powerfully, but similarly. That is why people who pose as an authority in music, not understanding these laws, will ofttimes and do constantly defeat their own purpose, their own achievement.

If you are to have the Blessings which come through this, I tell you if you will trust Me and give the obedience necessary, you will see such things as you never dreamed existed in the world.

I feel now we must put aside all childish foolishness and go into action; and when I speak the truth firmly to you, don’t think it is in criticism of anyone.

Now notice: when a harmonious force is denied action, then the inharmonious force will find an opportunity of action, because something must act. Life is perpetual motion; therefore, a force must act. And if it is not a harmonious force, then it is very apt to be an inharmonious one.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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