understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“As soon as you can all be taught by Beloved Leto to go and come consciously from the body, then it will make the transportation of your bodies from point to point much easier.  Myself, I think that should come about so that in case you should have a sudden invitation, you don’t have to fuss about preparation to go – you know, all of this packing and all that. You don’t have to take that along in that case, because then you have your garments for use as you need them, and you might use the Violet Consuming Flame instead of a toothbrush. Your requirements would be very little.

Question:    Just as soon as Beloved Leto teaches us to go from the body consciously, then the door is wide open to turn and perfect the physical body?

Saint Germain:    Yes, the time would be so short until your bodies would be transported anywhere – I mean, you would be able to do this yourselves without assistance.

Question:    Like Mrs. Rayborn projecting the Light Rays into her body?

Saint Germain:    Yes. Only this will be much more wonderful, because you will be manipulating Currents of Energy while still using the outer bodies, while She did it from the Higher Mental Body to the physical body.

You see, while you are still manipulating the structure of the physical body to become aware of these Currents of Energy, oh it makes it just worlds easier and more powerful of action in drawing these Currents into the outer world. That is the reason – of course, I have not said so, but you should have realized My inference before this.

In all My urgent Requests for obedience and for harmony, it must have had a very definite purpose. Now I am saying to you, that was one of the principle reasons I have urged this so much – to bring you all to the point where this could be done.

But in everyone there must be a sufficient determination and self-control that when you are taught to go and come consciously from the body, you would not under any pressure misuse that Power, because when you enter into that, you will have certain Powers which you can use (but which you cannot use yet). Therefore, I am determined that I am not going to endanger any of you.

You are all at a point now where you could easily do this, but the feelings must absolutely be governed; and I urge you not to get your little prods out at each other, even in fun. It is all right when everything is harmonious, but when someone is a little out of harmony, then that prod gets a little too severe; so don’t take advantage of it, else it acts at the wrong time.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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