understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I was thinking tonight that in your enjoyment here, were you aware of all the suspicion that is going through the minds of individuals during the time you are here, you would indeed have a hearty laugh. The moment the Messengers are not in the activity of the Class Work, every conceivable idea gets going of what is being done and what is going on; so you probably will hear that you have had some great revelation or been to a Retreat or somewhere, or all kinds of reports.

Question:    Well, could You fix it up so the story would be true?

Saint Germain:    That seems to be one on Me, doesn’t it? I might.

Question:    That is hopeful anyhow.

Saint Germain:    You know, since Mohammed could not go to the mountain, the mountain came to Mohammed.

Question:    Could we not go to the Cave of Symbols?

Saint Germain:    It would be so much easier to go by aerial transportation – I mean individually – than it would for you to drive the cars over the mountains. It would be very much easier and facilitate the matter of time greatly.

Question:    We would like Your means of conveyance.

Saint Germain:    You know, I took this good Brother under My wing once, and he still survives it; so you might all.

Question:   You might borrow Chananda’s plane.

Saint Germain:    Still more convenient, I might produce one of My own.”

Well Beloved Ones, if you saw the achievement, and I thought tonight when you were talking about your early experiences, if you saw, Betty, since the Messengers were in your home in Miami, Florida, the enormous advancement and change – not only in the expansion of the Light within yourself, but the great group of Students, and all that has been done – why never on the face of this Earth was such a miracle, so-called, performed.

This will give you great encouragement. You know that all sincere Application could not know such a thing as failure. Know the Light within you is expanding hourly and daily. You know it is only a matter of time – as we still have to use a little of it – until all your desires will be fulfilled. I am sure you can all still be patient until that is done.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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