understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“For nearly two hundred years, perhaps it would be clearer if I said up to approximately three hundred years ago, down about the position of the entrance – no, it is a little farther than that: where the entrance of the Park begins, coming in from Merced, was the barrier that shut this valley off entirely from the outer world; and during the earthquake, the barrier was released.

For approximately two hundred years before the white man came, the Indians considered this the most sacred spot in America, and representatives from every tribe were sent here to spend so many days within this valley.

Underneath what is now the Falls, over on this side (left) as you go out, oh for a long period, was a crevice in which the air pressure formed almost like a human voice, and that varied in tone, until the Indians called it the “Singing Waters”. Through that, one of the Ascended Masters giving Assistance to the tribe of Indians spoke to them.

Those representatives gathered here, and that is why, when the discovery of America brought the advent of the white man, they found the Indians of this part of the Earth so completely at peace. It was only after the Voice ceased speaking to them and they stopped sending representatives to this point, that they became subject to the other vibratory actions which created discord and war between themselves and those that came into the valley.

I would not say definitely at this time as to the number of years, but at a future time this valley will become one of the most beautiful places in all your America; for it will become a Powerful Focus of the Light. You have heard of the sunken gardens and the various things that have come to beautify places. Here you will find hanging gardens – the fondest dreamer of beauty could not picture what this will become in its beauty.

Do you wonder tonight why you were thinking of the Secret Valley? You will remember the very beautiful Chinese boy that was brought there? Others have been brought since this frightful destruction has been going on; and Beloved Fun Wey will be the trainer of them, because those who were in direct line of that dynasty have been preserved and taken away.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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