understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“When you see today how many Students have come into this Understanding and received such Blessings and evidence – and yet the first time their feelings are touched, crossed, or opposed, how quickly they will begin to doubt the Reality of the Dictations and one thing or another.  For instance, when I brought forth in open Class the motives of Dave Livingston, there were about twelve people who, up to that moment, had great confidence; and when I told the truth about that, they immediately came to the conclusion it was the Messenger instead of Myself who was talking. Too bad for them, however.

But it shows you, and that is why I prompt you, every one of you, and always have, whenever something comes for your blessing and benefit, or correction of your motives or faults – if you are big enough to accept it and profit by it, how great will be the glory and blessings released.

But just the moment I offer corrections, and someone doubts that it is Me, or believes it is the Messenger, or refuses to accept it as their correction, then they are closing the door to the great blessing which would come forth – because, I tell you, there has never been a Dictation given that has not been given by the Ascended Master whose Name is there. Anybody who doubts that should realize that this good Messenger would have to be a very wise Being to give forth all of this Instruction.

Do you realize, any of you – I think not even Betty herself – the thousands and thousands of typewritten pages that have been dictated since the Dictations began? I mean in your Class Work, not referring to those before the Messengers came from Chicago, but that have come forth since the Class Dictations began. You would be astonished beyond words if you knew.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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