understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now notice again, you have seen what happened at the Shrine and the viciousness here. Well, think of the momentum of ten years. just suddenly – like a punctured balloon – it lets go. Do you understand Me? Do you see what stupendous things are before you?

Now this has actually taken place within the energy, within the substance of the feeling world there. Do you realize that that had actually built an activity in Chicago that held the destructive forces toward the Messengers? It actually did. It had created a definite form, but today that form does not exist. You see what that means?

There was intelligence acting within that form because it went forth from individuals; then to see that dissolved, almost like you would draw your hands like that – the moment the people saw that, all opportunity within the legal action there was annulled. Then that released the feeling which allowed Us to pour the Rays in there to dissolve cause and effect of that which had been of ten years’ standing.

Now, it is so within each one of you, no matter what would have been in the past; and of course, largely, all of you have had – with your effort and assistance – consumed what has been in your Life Stream.

But in those who have not had the fullness of that understanding, don’t you see how, unless they would understand the need of holding harmony in their feelings, well – everything, all the rest is so easy.

It really is proof that in your Call to the Light all struggle ceases. Not that you don’t have to be dynamic in your Calls up to a certain point, but the result comes by the Power of Light and with the ease of breathing. The Light is released and the other disappears, and that is so in all these activities.

That was so in the releasing of those conditions. You had been calling forth the Light, the dissolving Power; and when the right man was touched, all that momentum gained, rushed through and acted in and through him, producing the results you required.

It is the same thing within yourselves as you call forth this Mighty Energy qualified for a certain Victory. When it has gained this Balance of Requirement, It rushes forward like that, and It is the Power of Light. It is just like a breath. It goes in and you find the other is dissolved.

Once you get the feeling of that, you will have such instantaneous, powerful results, because the resistance of the human goes down and lets the Pure Energy of Life come forth for the rendered service.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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