understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In your joking about _______’s statement – harmonize your feelings and use the Violet Consuming Flame – that is really no joke, but of vital importance; and I really do congratulate you, every one, sincerely at the tremendous, in fact enormous Victory you have gained in the past three months.

You see, We never formulate any opinion on what the lip speak, but what is being released from the feeling world is the thing that is imperative to Us. That is why it has not been so easy for you, because We saw acting, before you were aware of it, the things in the feeling world that are of vital importance.

Once you watch and stand guard over the slightest intimation, well, the governing activity of the feeling becomes just as easy as breathing.
The only thing that ever has made it difficult for mankind is the momentum they have in requalified energy; and remember, sometimes you have released through intense feelings just great quantities of energy. If that was wrongly qualified, then when it bursts into action, well, anything can happen.

But your feeling world now is cleared sufficiently that with the determination not to let any inharmony act, I tell you in sixty days almost any marvelous thing might happen in, through, and about you. It is worth everything in the world.

Oh, when I think of it – We did not have anybody to prompt Us. No one was permitted to. Only when We had gained a Victory were We able to look back and see how joyful it was.

But today, you, in having the promptings that are permitted these days and knowing the goal, well, then it makes everything so much easier, so much greater within your own grasp.

I really cannot tell you, Beloved Ones, how – shall I use the word – it is almost incredible, even in the slight intimation, the number of people that have determined and are calling their “Presence” into Action to be in that Class in Chicago. I question very much if the Civic Opera House will hold them.”

Beloved Saint Germain


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