understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I tell you Dear Ones, it has not anything to do with your world – what someone else does – but complete harmony within your feeling world is everything. There is no provocation justifiable in human contact to cause you to be irritated or disturbed; and don’t, anyone, hold disturbed or irritated feelings within you, because I know it the moment it is there, but I try earnestly to help you dissolve it.

So if you will let go of it, I will do the rest, or at least the most of it until you have the full Power to do it yourself. When you have gained this point of Victory – you have no idea how I feel, how I want to see you so quickly complete It.

I am never the slightest concerned if you make mistakes or slip sometimes. That has not anything to do with it; but if I see you begin to release feelings to each other, then I have to stop that because it would gain momentum and destroy definitely the purpose you are working for.

Therefore, if I prompt you to give obedience, then it is so quickly dissolved, because I would not mention anything unless it was imperative to the full Achievement; but I do not want you to be delayed anymore. That is the great point.

If I did not know definitely you are at the point where you can go forward with tremendous power and speed, I would not keep after you; but I have to do it because we do not want to go fidgeting around here for months in doing what we could accomplish in a few days.

Therefore, I rejoice so tremendously with you in that determination within each one to maintain that self-control and harmony.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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