understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I think it would be very well – of course your constant contact with the Messengers and Myself makes it very easy, but keep charging yourself with the explanation of any question or point that comes up in mind. Keep charging your own feeling world with the explanation, the revelation of all that is required in your stream of activity. Then if that is not quickly revealed clearly to you, many times just a contact of the Radiation of the Messengers will call it forth, and just like that the whole clearness will stand forth.

We are going into such definite Action that I want each one to feel their great ability, and each one to come to the rescue or assistance of another. If for any reason they are not quite harmonized, just each one refuse to give expression to anything less than the Perfection of anything you want.

One thing I never have mentioned, but I thought I should today. It is so easy for little feelings to get started. If someone likes something and somebody else does not, well, give praise and thanks for that which gives them harmony in their liking of the thing; but don’t oppose it – because that is where, if you saw when an argument reaches the physical how much that added upon people in their feeling before it goes into the outer expression, you would say, “Why, I will correct this now.”

All should be a great happy, joyous, harmonious Action of the Law. One can be happy and joyous without getting too personal. That starts a feeling within each other.

Some of these things sound very simple and unimportant, but they are far more important than you realize in gaining the great Victory of complete harmony within the feeling world, and it is so imperative. But you are so near now where you have absolute mastery and self-control – utilize every opportunity to gain that mastery.

Don’t blame anyone for anything, but just simply arise in firmness and simply say, “Now here is another opportunity for my self-control and mastery.” It does not make any difference what the condition might have been or intended, but your self-control and mastery is of importance.
Please do not feel at any time any particular concern or disturbance at the more violent action of people who would seem to oppose. It means that that is just that much nearer the end of it.

No one has any power to oppose this Work. No one has any power to oppose you so long as you are in accord and harmony with your Life. But discord, irritation, and disturbance in your feeling world is not in harmony with your Life Stream, which is Harmony, Happiness, and Perfection. 

So the moment something starts, just annihilate its cause and effect right then; for as I have said so many times, people think it is persons, places, and conditions. It is not. It is just a condition to be mastered, no matter what the cause of it is; and you as the Heartbeat of your Life Stream, have the Power and Authority to do it. Try to feel this definitely and how important it is.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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