understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“In the Precipitated Dinners or Banquets I did not call all this forth just on the spur of the moment; but knowing what I intended to do, in the Octave above was prepared, ready, that which I lowered forth into visibility for use. Not that We could not draw It forth instantly and directly, but We utilize the same Wisdom and Judgment that should be used in the outer world wherein you do not use energy unnecessarily. Not that there is not plenty of it, but there is a balance in all action of the Law.

In an emergency there is no limit to the energy which can be used and should be; but if you have not gained it in your feeling world, then it would have to be one of Us powerfully charging and releasing what you had accumulated, small or great, to furnish the energy for that specific achievement.

Of course, this We have done many times; but We want you to feel your authority, your responsibility to govern these conditions yourselves.

It is just the same in calling forth your supply of money or whatever it is – the same with the Students, many of them not realizing that they have not generated and gathered enough energy because they have not been steady enough in their Call and charging their world with energy and power of achievement. They sometimes marvel that their Calls are not answered more quickly.

Well, it is because their reservoir of energy has been exhausted to a large extent, and they are not charging it dynamically enough to recharge it and gain the momentum. So, in this simple explanation you will see how every move you make, everything you do can be turned into a definite Law of Life in its Victory over the outer things.

It is as definite as anything in the world, the most practical thing, because the simplicity of the Law makes it possible for any person who wants to, to comprehend.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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