understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, each one of you has quite recently had the feeling of moments of great power and release of energy. Then you feel like you would like to have a few more hours of sleep.

You see, that is not a sustained momentum – not that I would have you make special effort for it; but as you realize this Power and Energy is coming from your “Presence”, it is not an effort.

Your Call does release the energy; but at the same time, it is not the energy and it is not responsible for the energy; but your Call is the release or the signal for the release of the energy.

Now notice carefully the difference in the action: A Call without gathered energy is only power for fractional results, while energy gathered in a specific requirement dashes forward to the complete and full Accomplishment – as you have noticed in many instances, with the speed of thought. Now, this is where you will all come to be, and if you would just do it and forget it, you have no idea – it sounds so very simple, but what it means to you!

If you would spend only two, three, or maybe five minutes on charging your feeling world with Perfect Peace and Rest and Invincible Protection on retiring; and if your outer requirements take extra time, charge yourselves for the complete rest for the hours which you have.

Then on arising in the morning, before any thought and feeling begin to come concerning the outer world, stand on your feet – or if you are sort of wakening, while you are lying flat on your back in bed, begin to call forth and charge your mind, body, world, and feeling activity with the Limitless Energy, Mighty Directing Intelligence, Invincible Protection, and the Release and Outpouring of Divine Love and Blessings to go before you everywhere.

As you keep charging that into the feeling world, there is always more or less that comes forth during the activity of the day; but remember that you never expend more than within ten percent of the limit you call forth. You always retain at least ten percent.

Now that means within a short time, aside from the service rendered for the moment, you would gain an energy and power that would be ready for any emergency. It would govern anything that concerned you.

Now I am saying this today because I want you to come into very definite action. I mean within your own feeling world. This is your own selves especially, but gains that momentum and power just the same as David Lloyd did that brought such tremendous results.

Then you come to realize that you are dealing with a definite power of energy, qualified all the time, which is producing definite results.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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