understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“What I am trying to do is convey into your feeling for constant action the mighty Reality, because as quick as that becomes active in your feelings, then I can do a thousand times more in withdrawing that from you than I can otherwise.

Now, this is not drawing any of your physical energy, not for a single instant; but it is drawing through you the Power of your own “Mighty I AM Presence”. This is what I want you to feel, because it cannot draw anything from your physical energy and strength.

That is why, as you realize this, you will find yourself sustained abundantly with all the energy you require for any service you wish to perform, and that will change the whole thing within your bodily activity; and as you give it a little more attention, it will make it practically impossible for you to become tired or exhausted. Then in an emergency when you need to use more energy, it is always there, and you feel no sense of tire or exhaustion from its use.

Mrs. Ballard:   Can we use the Activity of the Canopy like we use the Blue Lightning?

Saint Germain:   I was just going to say that. If you will be aware of that – for instance: don’t feel that this is the least complicated when these various things are added, but just feel that the Essence from that gold forms a Canopy above your human bodies as you move before mankind.

This would be a very marvelous thing for you, especially for your voices. That Essence would release into your vocal cords and would give you some of the most astounding thigs in your voice. It would give a liquid quality and a flexibility of the vocal cords that would delight you beyond words.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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