understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Because of certain individuals in the room on Ascension Day, We thought it unwise to give forth certain descriptions of things concerning the Ascensions, but it was the most magnificent thing ever witnessed on this Earth since the height of the Second Golden Age!  The effect over the atmosphere of America as those twenty-five ascended was the most powerful things We have ever witnessed in the human octave, and of course it was so charged and qualified that it covered the whole of the United States.

A thing unknown in the formation of the Earth occurred at the Tetons. You will remember the vein of gold at the back of the Audience Chamber – well, that extends through the mountain in each direction. Deep down the veins of gold curve so that it is practically under the center of the mountain.

Now, I did not do this Myself; but when the Ascensions took place, streams of that metal were drawn through the Earth until it formed a Canopy of those Golden Streams up, over, and above the Audience Chamber in the mountain – a thing that was never known in the history of the Earth before.

I say that, to give you some idea of the Power that was released through the Earth. Now you see, that would be about 18,000 feet from the point under the mountain from whence this was drawn from the vein up, through, and over. It would be around 14,000 feet these streams of metal were drawn through the Earth, which makes the Canopy over the Audience Chamber.

That shows to Me the Power of Intelligence within the Cosmic Light. Now this is outside of Our Efforts, of any one of the Ascended Masters. I want you to see the difference. That was from the Intelligence and Power within the Cosmic Light, that is the Light projected from the Great Central Sun by the Great Group of Ascended Masters there. That is a definite Activity.

While of course Our Efforts cooperate with that insofar as certain Cosmic Activities are required, I want you to feel that is a wholly independent activity from what We are doing in the requirement.

Once you realize (I mean bring into action in your feeling) that this is just as definite a thing as if you had a factory and you went out and set your machinery into action to produce a certain material with it; it is just as definite as if you went out and planted your grain and seed and produced certain crops – you would expect results.

Of course this is far more definite because it is Divine Action in which there is no atmospheric or human condition to interfere with it.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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