understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I do congratulate you. With Our Assistance I feel so sure that your entire Life Streams – all of you – have been so cleared of past accumulation and conditions that you will be able to govern yourselves in absolute happiness and harmony that makes it possible for Us to do things We need to do.

You have no idea what that would mean to you and to Us – absolute harmony maintained in your feelings, in your association, for six months. I know it is not quite possible, unless you saw with Me from the Octave above just what all this means, but it is so vital!

It is so important that I again plead with you: don’t let anything under any circumstance disturb your feelings, because, you see, We have gained such a Victory in spite of all that has had to be met, that if that can be done (and it was with those conditions), what magnificent Marvels would be accomplished with absolute perfect harmony, because it releases the full Power of the Forces of Light.

But that has to be done over a sufficient period to get the momentum gathered.

I say this to you advisedly tonight: such a tremendous momentum was gathered for you individually and for the future activity during this Class, that I want you to realize that to hold and sustain the harmony in yourself, that none of that be requalified – We can do what We plan to do any time; and I can assure you, I shall delight your Hearts, every one of you, beyond your fondest imagination if you will do this for Me, because We are going into very definite action.

I will never forget this Class, and you see how absolutely powerless all of the vicious forces are. They have no more power than a feather in a gust of wind. The only slightest touch of anything was when the gathered projection of force was there to make the people sleepy, so they would not comprehend. That was cleared immediately, so it was a very marvelous thing.

You see, really, and this is why I talk about it again, when there is sufficient harmony within a focus, all those things can be transmuted into an activity of service.

While their intent is wholly wrong, yet with sufficient gathered substance from the human octave, We can always change that into a thing of Divine Beauty and Perfection.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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