understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“My Love, Blessings, and Greetings, Beloved Ones; and I am more than delighted that you are keeping abreast of the times, being aware of the possibilities. May I remind you again that you have a Power, once you realize it, which would enable Us in any emergency to successfully achieve almost any kind of activity upon which the large percent of the outer world’s attention might be fixed.

You may be sure that wherever the outer plans of the world conform to the Inner Requirements, every assistance will be given; and I feel very sure – if in cooperation with the Great Cosmic Light – this which you have been joyously discussing could be a means of establishing an activity unparalleled by any other means at the present time.

That is how many things can be transmuted into a Divine Activity, and out of it comes a Great Activity of Divine Justice.

I have never in My entire Experience seen so much accomplished for the Nation as has been accomplished in the past thirty days. You will see the outpicturing of this gathered momentum of these Mighty Decrees for the past three and a half or more years; and if you understood as We do, they cannot fail to produce the results, either in your private Decrees or in the Group Activity.

I call your attention again to these vast Group Decrees in the Class. There is no one outside of Ourselves who can possibly estimate what is done through those tremendous activities; and the joy and harmony, and the enthusiasm, and the great outpouring of Divine Love in this recent Class is unparalleled by anything the world has ever known in hundreds of centuries – and it was a gathered momentum of about six months.

Do you realize, Beloved Ones, what – I mean something that is in conformity with the Divine Order of things, how an expectation in your desire world creates and holds a power of activity and anchorage that can produce astounding results?

Therefore, you are beginning to see now the outpicturing of the gathered momentum by these Mighty Decrees that will be the greatest delight of your whole experience.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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