understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Now, if you can just revolve that in the consciousness until you get the full confidence within yourselves, it is a tremendous thing. It makes your Application practically Invincible; then as you see one thing after another occur, there is no longer the slightest question, even in the outer mind, as to the Fulfillment of the Call. It is a powerful thing.

You see, I want to try to bring you into an almighty, definite Focus – just Intelligence and Substance which are acting, Energy which is Light.

For instance, take the old statement, “Out of Light all things came.” The Fiat went forth, “Let there be Light”, and Light came forth; and out of Light all things came. Well, you have the proof of it absolutely in every moment of your life in the Activity of your own “Presence”.

Everything in physical form today, created by man, came out of Light; and whether it is constructive or destructive has not anything to do with it, because that is a matter of human qualification. But everything that ever took place in your life that has physical form – or action in the physical form – came out of your own Light.

Therefore, you are a miniature universe acting within the great Universe, each one of you, because whatever takes place in your world that manifests, comes out of your Light.

This is being tremendously charged into your feeling world tonight for constant use, so please accept It; and try to feel each time you contemplate It, a greater Confidence, Assurance, greater Power.

It is the full Authority because there is no authority in the Universe outside of the Light from which all things came, because It is the Intelligence which is the Power of Light; therefore, It is Authority.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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