understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“You will never know – while Our Assistance and the Legions of Light and the Cosmic Beings’, of course, is tremendous, yet this Outpouring of the Cosmic Light and this Wave that will flood again at the opening of the Class tomorrow (well, it really begins about eleven o’clock) – how much Work It is doing that would have been necessary for you to do in Application. Yet I urge you, under no circumstance let down your Application for Protection and all that.

I want you to see how necessary it is when individuals of the outer world try to be dominate or vicious, and you just suddenly command that firm attitude – how quickly those people at the radio station smiled last night when that thing tried to drive in. They will, afterwards, realize you are people who are kind but know your rights, and it is absolutely correct.

But all those things can always be done with a great and mighty firmness, and still nothing ugly or unkind in it. That is where the great Victory comes in – when they see that great calm yet unyielding determination, then their respect is greater than ever.

Don’t have any concern. Don’t have any fear of what individuals might be temporarily doing, but rather take the attitude: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’. You are in full Command of whatever the condition or situation is!”

Then your human mind does not get to revolving a thing that might be a means of, shall we say, allowing to build something that would maybe make the individual fail. For instance, if the attention of individuals is upon a person with uncertainty, it might make them fail when they would otherwise succeed.

If there seems to be a question, just simply say: “‘Mighty I AM Presence’, take command there!”, and take the human mind off of it, and call the Ascended Masters, the Legions of Light, and Cosmic Beings to take command in addition to the “Presence”, which will be the intensified Action of the Call to the “Presence”.

I tell you, if once you get the full conviction, the full feeling, and the full confidence that when you call to the “Presence” for something, it is the Presence and Power of Light that goes forth to fulfill that – which knows no opposition, and there are no human destructive forces that attempt to interfere with that – if you know that with full confidence, I tell you it is the Invincible Power that every one of your Calls is answered by: the full Power of Light that knows no opposition, and It never fails to answer your Call when it is made!”

Beloved Saint Germain

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