understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“I want to tell you, Lotus and Godfre, you will never know what it has meant when you took the stand that no one was paid a salary. You haven’t the slightest imagination even, of what would have driven into your Heart Center if it had not been for that. It has not prevented the viciousness of a few, but still it would have been so much worse.

But things are – oh I want you to feel how grateful I am! While there are some little things to contend with, oh my goodness, it is as different as daylight and darkness from even a year ago, even in your Heart Center; and all that is coming into Divine Order and adjustment.

If everyone will just determine within themselves to be unconcerned about the other, and just let the “Presence” bring the things about – oh it would be so wonderful, the things that will be done.

Question:   Is there anything special we could do before we go to sleep at night, when You take us in the Etheric Bodies, to enable us to bring some remembrance of it into our brain consciousness in the morning?

Saint Germain:   Bless your precious Heart, don’t be overanxious; just take it easy. Please, every one of the Staff, do not be overanxious concerning seeing your “Presence” or having the memory recalled. As you just rest at ease, then this will come forth. Don’t get the feeling of almost forcing it.

Do you not observe, Dear Ones, how this good Brother is compelled to seem almost indifferent to these great Manifestations which he knows so well, but knowing that to become overanxious or put too much intensity upon them sets up the barrier that delays their approach. But just rest at ease and then these things will come forth, oh so much more quickly.

I know when weeks and months pass, one longs so much for evidence, for things to come forth or some unusual manifestation. I know. I too went through the mill, and you don’t have half of what I had to contend with.

Question:   Is there any Call we can make concerning this stealing of military secrets by foreign nations?

Saint Germain:   I think your general Decrees that you have been giving for the Protection of the aerial service and all that, is sufficient. Just keep pounding away at it. It has done tremendous service.

Question:   Is it of any value to have a Dome of Light placed over the principal cities of the Country?

Saint Germain:   It is a Splendid thing. You see, I had not intended to say this, but I think I should tonight. The enormous work that is being done in the removal of entities from the Earth is removing the need of many things that I had thought would be imperative to do and to use, even yet, for and including the Shrine Class. But the Calls, and the Answers by the Legions of Light are – well, shall I quote Lotus in her explanation: “It is marvelous, stupendous, colossal!” It really is.

I tell you, Dear Ones, you could hardly conceive of this, that humanity all this time could have been utilizing – could have awakened even to the degree that it has today.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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