understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Do you not see, Beloved Ones, if this good Brother and Lotus had that feeling, or fear of what somebody was going to say or criticize them, where would they be? Right back in the condition where they started from. Therefore, it is imperative that you compel your feeling to yield to the requirement of the Inner Activity.

I must prompt you again on a greater consideration, dignity, and kindness to each other. Again I say it is alright to be happy and, as you term it, “kid” each other some; but watch out that it is always done at the right time. Try to be gentle and kindly with everyone, even though they make mistakes sometimes. It is getting more and more imperative because of the greater Forces that are being released; and if you will do that, I will appreciate it tremendously.

You see, our personalities outside are really of no consideration now in this Great Service that is being rendered, and in the tremendous change in the atomic structures of your bodies. You do not realize the rapid change that is taking action in the atomic structure of the body.

I wonder, do you realize – for instance, just take a seemingly little thing, like when you get a certain congestion which is so-called a cold in the body. It keeps the attention fixed upon the condition, and calls it back again and again to the atomic structure of the body, which is not always so good.

When the body is acting normally, it is the same way with eating. If you know a thing disturbs you and you determine to do it – well, if you have disturbance, is it not a lack of judgment in not refusing to take into the system the thing you know has been just a little bit too much for you?

Really every one of you are at the point right now where you could control that as perfectly as could be, if you would just speak to your “Presence” – which would cause your Higher Mental Body to take command of all gastric action, take command of all mastication of your food – as you are on your way to the dining room. You would be surprised how you would govern those things, and never have discomfort come from your food. Really it is quite important.

I have not touched upon that particularly before, but I think it is time we should. When you are going to public places and hotels where many times there is discord in the kitchen, charge forth through your own individual radiance that which enfolds the food as it is brought to you, and cleanse it of any discordant radiance that might have contacted it in the kitchen.

It only takes a moment for these things, and it is valuable because it will prevent so many little things that are disturbing.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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