understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“There are several points I want to cover tonight. I cannot take as much time as usual, so don’t mind if I go from one to the other rapidly in order to cover them.

First: Each time the opportunity of prompting occurs, it is because of the greater intensified vibratory action; and unless you are prompted, I am sure you are not aware of the increased requirement.

You see, I am sure you do not, any of you, realize yet the imperative need of keeping the attunement of the atomic structure up with the expansion of the Light within. Now, please make a mental note of this and hold it before you, and if necessary write that sentence and put it up in your room. You see – now let us cover this point: It might be well, if you do not mind, to put the whole paragraph referring to this especially, up in your room.

We have talked an awful lot about harmony of the feeling world, the atomic structure; and yet, the human obedience has not been sufficient to keep the needed harmony, for the atomic structure to raise its vibratory action with the expansion of the Light within. That is the reason why, ofttimes, irritation temporarily disturbs individuals.

It is so imperative! You do not see this from the Inner standpoint; therefore, unless you are prompted, you might easily fall prey to the human creations that always, of course, want you to fail.

But I must tell you again, that you on the Staff here are in a very definite position, a different responsibility than the ordinary Student, because you are in the Heart Focus of Light that must necessarily be more intense than that without.

I would suggest in regard to the music, please withdraw your attention from outer, shall we say, technical requirements. I do not mean by that, you do not need to get your music in proper order; but if We are to bring forward the musical things that are waiting in the atmosphere about you to come forth, the feeling must be released within you from the constant feeling that, “Well, we must hold closer to the old outer method of technique.”

You prevent the Beauty and Perfection coming through if you have that feeling within you. I think you should have sufficient proof through this good Brother who understands so very little about music from the technical standpoint, and yet has been able to bring forth “Light of My Heart”, which from a musical standpoint is amazingly correct.

You see, I wonder if you quite understand. At first you have to give the opening; and if the feeling is held to the outer technique of things, you cannot give the opening – or you would not give the freedom in the feeling for the Perfection of the Inner and more beautiful and perfect things to come forth.

Therefore, I suggest each one of you who is working on music, hold yourselves in complete relaxation and readiness. Don’t worry whether the thing is going to be correct or not, but let it flow; and then as it comes forth – and suppose in the first few weeks’ work, or few months’ for that matter, it is not just as perfect as it should be – it will give the opening to make the absolutely perfect come forth.

When you reach a certain point of continuous attention upon that, the Higher Mental Body will compel the outer to give the necessary obedience for this Perfection to come forth; but It would not do it until you come to a certain point, which I cannot explain to you in so many words because it is a matter of feeling.

But you will find if you will do this, that everything will come forth with so much greater ease.

The outer world is no criterion to go by. It has failed in every blessed thing that mankind has tried to do, so why hang on to it? Branch out fearlessly and let the Power of the “Presence” have an opportunity.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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