understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Beloved Ones, may I hold you in My Heart tonight while I talk to you? First, I wish to call your attention to the speed with which an attempted projection of disturbance was dispelled – how much more quickly than ever before in your experience before the Class!

It is not surprising that before every Class an attempt should be made; but as you observe and see the effect of quickly, sudden, dynamic Application, you will find It will apply in your individual requirements as much as in reference to the Class Work.

I want you to so much realize how really all-powerful your Application is; but do not let the ease appearance of great peace, joy, and happiness cause you to relax in your Application. It is imperative, because that which we call the sinister force will often withdraw and apparently disappear to have you get off guard so it can drive in.

This is not anything to fear or be particularly concerned about, except the guard must constantly be kept up.

You will find in this Class a mighty Impulse for the opening tomorrow. If you were to see how much, or shall I say how little the effect of destructive individuals is in comparison to what it was, well, about two and a half years ago, you would be certainly rejoiced.

The effect of the radiation that they send out does not reach one-hundredth part the distance from that form that it did two and a half years ago. Today the destructive forces and quality sent out by every vicious individual is steadily and surely recoiling upon them; and when those individuals are held in the embrace of their own vicious creation, it will not be a happy moment.

But the Law of Life is compelling it. It is not that anyone wishes it; but it is because no longer will Life tolerate this frightful thing of the destructive activity of mankind, which would have destroyed them.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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