understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    I have never taken it up much with you in this respect, but I want to touch upon it tonight. Where there has been in the past very harmonious association, it means that accomplishments can be had in the renewing of that harmony which has gathered a momentum through the centuries. That is what is about to be released into your midst now.

 I am about coming to the conclusion that it is soon going to be necessary for you to know outwardly something about your more recent associations, because in that will be released the feeling I think We can utilize to very great advantage. So I think; however, we will see. But I think before the Class begins, We will try to devote a whole evening to a discussion or your previous association.

I am sure you will see the reason for many things today; and really, this follows down more particularly over the seventy-thousand-year civilization. That, to the human sense, just now seems considerable time. After all, in Eternity a year is but a day.

Mrs. Ballard:   It is the same Life Stream.

Saint Germain:   Exactly. Now that is an idea. Had you thought of it? Isn’t that proof how and why there is no time and space? All is just an activity of the one Life Stream.

For instance, one of your lives up to the present moment is but an activity, isn’t it? In the human clothing you cognize time and space; but after all, when you cognize the Stream of Life up to this moment, you would hardly think of it as time and space, but an activity of your own Life Stream. Just think about that.”

Saint Germain

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