understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   Do you know how very precious you have all become to Us, and how We long for that hour when We can precipitate the table, the service, and the food here for you, and you won’t have to run around to cafeterias! Well, what has once been, can be again. Won’t you feel all this tonight. Oh just feel it so real, so true, that with the sufficient intensity of your feeling, We can bring it forth and not have to wait and wait and wait.

I do not mean by that, that you must be anxious about it, or anything of that kind; but just calmly and serenely want it now – and as the old Methodists used to say: “Now is the accepted time. I can, and I will, and I do believe.”

You know, that is the old orthodox idea that “Jesus died for my sake.” He didn’t;  nor, “He died that all might live.”  But He did leave the Example that all might become like Him.

I hardly dare refer to it further, but the Accomplishment of last night was gigantic and, as our Blessed Lotus says, “stupendous and colossal.” I literally mean that.

Do you not see how sometimes when we go along serving earnestly with no perceptible change, we are entering into those Gates of Glory that suddenly open wide, and there we see before us the manifested Presence and Activity of that great Achievement? Such was the case last night.

You know the Great Ones are very silent, always holding Their own Counsel unless others are to give assistance; and when the Great Divine Director begins to release that Power, He seems almost terrifying to outer vision. Then you will know that all forces give obedience, and willingly; for that is the Power of Light!

Is it not very beautiful to become versatile? And each one is becoming more and more versatile. I feel very proud of My Family. Do you begin to see what I have meant, and I say this more particularly to Lotus and Godfre, how all that I have said in the past, how it has all been drawing certain ones together – not only because of their harmony, but because of conditions of the past association that make many things possible.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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