understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   Can you tell me what it was I brought back the other morning when I saw someone standing in the Unfed Flame untouched? Was that my human watching the Higher Mental Body instruct me, or was I watching someone else?

Saint Germain:   For the moment you were watching another’s experience, and your great intense desire will bring you into the same activity. This observation was the Etheric Body of the individual, and this may be done – let all of you take notice of this – this may be done with and through the Etheric Body of each one, which will carry the Radiation into the physical, causing tremendous activity and change to take place.

Now you are all getting a tremendous tip there. You see, did I not keep My Promise?

How great, how great is your privilege and opportunity! Remember, you have the opportunity, the privilege of entering into the Unfed Flame in the Etheric Body, carrying the Radiation into the physical body which would bring about a very rapid change in the appearance of the physical form, its health and perfection.

Question:   Should we visualize the Crystal White Light or the Golden Light?

Saint Germain:   I think it would be wise not to offer suggestions. Let the Wisdom of your “Presence” do that, for perhaps no two of you would require the same color, qualification of activity there.

Question:   Should we make the Call just before we go to sleep?

Saint Germain:   Yes, and please don’t have any consideration whether you see any immediate result or bring back the memory. Don’t be affected by that, just go right on. Before you go to sleep, make that Call.

If you understand what I mean from the Inner standpoint – as soon as you cease to look for results, then how much more quickly will the results come. That sounds like a paradox, but it is true.

Now I must say good night to you, Beloved Ones. Oh, we could go on and on and on for hours and hours.

Mrs. Ballard:   Will you make the ears of the world listen tonight, and speak through my voice on “America’s Power”?

Saint Germain:   God Himalaya has prepared the Currents already, and they are waiting to carry it forth.

Question:   Will that go to India?

Saint Germain:   Oh yes. So I will say good night, and all Love and Blessings to you all. May the fullness of that Infinite Light from your “Presence” anchored within your Heart expand, produce Its Perfection, Perfect Health, Strength, Courage, and Harmony in your feeling world of action, and glorify you with a Serenity and Consciousness of Command and Power that compels obedience to the Law of Divine Order and Justice everywhere you move.

In the fullness of Its Infinite Power of Light, good night.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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