understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Would it help any if we asked Beloved Astrea to hold a Wall of Light around Washington and bind all black magicians?

Saint Germain:   Yes, and may I suggest in addition to that, that you call Mighty Astrea, the Mighty Divine Director, the Goddess of Liberty, and the Queen of Light to dissolve every human focus of discord that has been drawn within the city of Washington. That is quite as important as disposing of the entities, because there are vortices of human, destructive activities that have been drawn there – about ten within the city of Washington.

Call Beloved Astrea to take care of the entities, and the Great Divine Director or Mighty Victory or any of Those to dissolve, consume, and explode all human vortices that have been gathered there; then consume them, because sometimes you need to shatter a thing before the consuming activity can act quickly. Do as you would if it were something exploded.

As you visualize – you do not need to know just where they are, but into all those human vortices that are there – see the Blue Lightning go into that, explode it; then use the Violet Consuming Flame and consume it.

As you make that mental picture, it will hasten and intensify the activity of your Call to the “Presence” tremendously, because those human vortices there are quite as important, in fact more important now than the entity condition. A lot of the entity condition has been handled there, so that is not as dangerous just now as this other condition.

You could do the same thing for New York, but let Me explain to you what happens in this activity I am suggesting.

When you call the Blue Lightning into a thing to explode it – you know, just like the roots of a tree: each one of these focuses or vortices there is like a root; and when that explodes, that goes into that, which means into human beings and their feeling world. At first they will be tremendously confused; but as that settles down, they will begin to see and sense Divine Justice of the thing and their mistake or wrong.

So, I feel that activity now is as important, or more important than any one thing that could be done just at this time.

I am telling you this today because of your own human creation being dissolved; and as you project that Blue Lightning into that and see it explode, then It carries into the roots of the thing.

I would call for the cause, effect, and record to be consumed; but in each case, just make the one quick, dynamic Call. Then take your mind completely off it and let It go forth sustained to do Its Work.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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