understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:    Can I do more intense work for the Washington Group to push aside the discord, that we may have these Broadcasts? I think I have left them on their own when I have been busy with other things.

Saint Germain:   That is quite alright. Don’t feel your responsibility for those places and conditions. Do whatever work you feel impelled to do; but don’t accept any responsibility, because it is their work. It is they who must harmonize themselves. You are not supposed to do constant work on them to keep them harmonized.

Mrs. Ballard:   No, but it being the heart of the government, I so much want the maximum power to be poured out.

Saint Germain:   Don’t you worry. When you get there your Class will be alright. I may find the way to have some of them cancel their engagement. However, we will see.

Do not let those things bother you. Go right on serenely with the Work; and do keep before you, Beloved Ones, that the human appearances have no power. It must be before you.

Don’t accept anything ever from the appearance world less than the Perfection, for any cause whatsoever, as having power to obstruct or interfere with the Light, the Class Work, individually or anything else – because that is a tremendous part of the battle, so-called, to just simply know that any appearance that attempts to interfere with your world or the Work has no power instantly.

Then go on with your Call and Application, but feel that with dynamic Power. You absolutely stop everything, as it were; then as the Power of the “Presence” flows forth, it dissolves and disappears.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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