understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    Therefore, Beloved Ones, I wonder – you see, I am wondering tonight too – if any one of you could tell Me how much I love you. Is there anyone brave enough to venture?

Mrs. Ballard:    More than our outer can understand.

Saint Germain:    Quite true. Oh, maybe I am a severe old chap; but nevertheless, I think you will all survive it.

Mrs. Ballard:    I wonder that You have not gotten tired of us long ago, and You would let us take our medicine.

Saint Germain:    Well you know, I think, Blessed Ones, all of you have had all the whipping you need – I am sure more than was really necessary; so let us just, as you say, cut it out in the future.

Question:     ________ wants a new suit of clothes, and he says he sees that diamond on his hand.

Saint Germain:   Tell Me, what would you do were you to awaken some morning with that physical ring on your finger, and your suit of clothes there ready for you?

Answer:   I don’t know, but I would be awfully happy. Am I looking in vain for my diamond? I feel I could almost see it sometimes.

Saint Germain:    Blessed One, it would be impossible in the Light to look for anything in vain that was the Divine Order for your Life Stream. And really, I have been very peculiar throughout all My Life Stream, for I have loved jewels because of the radiance and power they have conveyed.

Oh, if you, each one, only knew what stands so short a distance before you, the joy within your Heart would burst all bounds. I think I hear you say to Me some of these days before long, “Well now, where is all this Perfection You were talking about? Why isn’t it manifesting?”

Now then, can you tell Me what has been achieved while we have been visiting? Now tighten up your suspenders. Sometimes I am strongly tempted to come forth and take you, one by one, in My Arms in congratulations. This started out seemingly rather severe, but it has ended in a Blaze of Glory.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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