understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:     We are soon touching into that great Height of Achievement of the seventy-thousand years ago, and whatever Height of Achievement has been achieved since, will all be combined into one; and then I trust – and it is why I have so earnestly been prompting – each one will leap ahead.

May I say something most encouraging to you, in spite of all that has occurred in the outer? Since the beginning of the Kansas City Class, the Light within each one of you has expanded at least one fourth beyond what It was at that time – a very wonderful thing; a miracle, so-called, in itself.

Do you not understand there is not one thing within your physical body that cannot be done by the directing of the Currents of Energy from the “Presence”.  The directing of the Activity of the Violet Consuming Flame, or the Blue Ray, or the Consuming Flame, or the Unfed Flame, directed and held to a given point, would remove all imperfection there.

Won’t you all just try it out? Whether it is on yourself or some other body, try directing the Violet Consuming Flame, just like It was Intelligent, because It is if It is directed by the Intelligence of your “Presence”; and see It penetrate and dissolve a growth, or see It put Its lasso of Light around that and operate on it and take it out.

Oh, for the confidence in the Power of Light, that you have in the outer things!

Is it not strange, Beloved Ones, how because of habit you have confidence – but of course you do, you remove the effect of things; but who of you shall say to Me you remove the cause by the surgeons in the outer world?

Sometimes that effect does not gather again in this embodiment; but Beloved Ones, unless you have removed the cause and the record, it might recur.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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