understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    Oh, do you not see, Blessed Ones, that in your joyous attention to your “Presence” and the Great Ones, in that great Perfecting Activity taking place within and about you and your feeling world, how the whole world without must come into that glad Divine Order and Perfection and Harmony of all that you require for your happiness, supply, and comfort in the outer world.

Do you not see how it would be impossible for you not to have everything in Divine Order in your outer life? Oh, not that individuals might not try to oppose you at times, not at all; but that has no power, it has no effect upon your life so long as you do not accept it.

Oh, how individuals who feel unkindly to the Messengers or to the Staff are just pushing themselves farther, farther, and farther beyond the periphery of the Light. What a pity! Is it not true that when anger and viciousness beset the individual, all sense of reason and justice is lost? They see nothing but their own fiendish picture of the human desires.

May I say to you again tonight, that in all My vast experience there is no one thing so difficult to endure as to see one here and there fail on the Pathway of Light. I think that is the most difficult thing that anyone has to experience.

You do not see in the human octave that which I mean by those words; for unless you saw from Our Octave of Light, you could not understand nor comprehend just what My Words mean. But to Us it is a tremendous thing. And yet, We must always be serene.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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