understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   We hope for many wonderful things in this Class. So, will everyone enter in with the joy and happiness and enthusiasm that is yet greater than any you have experienced, and just let the flood of your being and world charge forth.

Oh, Beloved Ones, if you could look – now this is not human sympathy, but if you could look into the Hearts of mankind and see what is there, how gladly and willingly you would render every service of your being.

Unfortunate humanity is crying out as never before in the world for help, for freedom. It is this great mass pressure – and our Blessed Lotus once saw it as great rollers of time that are rolling humanity in between those great rollers, compelling that Life Stream to come into Divine Order.

To some it may seem very painful. To others it will be an extreme joy and gratitude. But if all understood, even the painful letting go of the human would be a joy too exquisite to describe. Oh, to once stand in that Gateway of Freedom where We stand!

Oh, Beloved Ones, can you feel with Me for a few moments what our Blessed David Lloyd, Rex and Nada, Bob and Pearl, and The Rayborns feel – that which They feel in the opportunity to reach the Goal of Eternal Freedom forever!

Human desires sink into such insignificance after centuries, and lifetime after lifetime of struggle – the same old struggles again, again, and again with no perceptible change; yet, then to suddenly  step into the Stream of Light, the Pathway of Light that is like the movable steps in the department stores, that aside from your own movement is carrying you on and on and on, rapidly into that Eternal Freedom of the Light.

Perhaps there would not be any better illustration to you than as you walk up those stairs, as they are moving, your own effort is there; but underneath you is the Power of Light carrying you forward with your own efforts. That is what We represent to you.

The Ascended Masters’ Power, Consciousness, and Light is just like that moving stairway under you that is carrying you on more powerfully than your own effort could possibly do, and yet taking you to a sure, a definite Goal with that obedience to Our Requirement.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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