understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   I do not think, Beloved Ones, that the Law of your Life Stream will permit Me to give any further promptings. I am not definitely sure of that tonight; but when that Life Stream says, “Stop”, then I too must stop. I wish you could know how amazingly infinitely you have been privileged.

Never in the history of the Earth has as much prompting been permitted by the Life Stream of individuals as in this case, but it is because your Light must be very great in order to permit it.

So won’t you accept that, in all the joy of your Heart – that because the expansion of your Light was enough, I invited you to come into the Heart Center and be part of it.

I want all the Staff to know how very wonderful, and what our Blessed Lotus’ courage has meant to each one. Many times she has given the prompting when this Messenger would have been silent. So, know how great your blessing is; and you cannot help but know, each one of you, that only the greatest love and kindness goes out from each one. Never in your life did love pour out to you from any human being as the love pours out from each one of them to each one of you.

Please feel with Me tonight how real all of this is. This is no imaginary thing. You are entering into the Great Power and Mighty Stream of Life. You are dealing with the Mightiest Laws in the Universe in this Heart Center of Light!

If It is to govern America, If It is to govern and save and bless mankind, then you must know how Infinite is Its Power.

Oh, you only see a fragmentary part of Its Manifestation yet; but won’t you be patient until the Law sees fit to show you the magnificent splendor of Its Power, Radiance, and instant Obedience over destructive forces and powers of which you cannot conceive as yet.

You are not dealing with the Messenger’s imagination; you are not dealing with some shadowy condition of Life, but the most Real and Powerful Activity – the Power and Force of Light!

Everyone’s Life Stream, Students or otherwise, is the thing that decrees what is to be done for them. You might decree a thing outwardly or desire a thing outwardly; but if it was contrary to your Life Stream when you had entered into this Stream of Light, then it would not be answered, unless by that answer it brought to you an experience that would be the lesson to be learned.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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