understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:    Steadily and surely is vanishing the so-called opposition to the Light, and the time is very short now until vicious individuals who begin to put forth that viciousness toward the Light will last but a short time. Their ignorance in their viciousness toward the Messengers, toward the Light, makes no difference – the reaction will come.

Not so large a number, but a great and loyal, tremendous love goes up from this place; and there are about two hundred people here from whom the most intense, loyal, wondrous love and gratitude is released to the Messengers and the Great Ones for all that has come forth. Of course, that is equal to two thousand who would be lukewarm.

Will each one of you, as you have the opportunity to talk to people, stress the one point that in all their Decree Work they are releasing into the mental and feeling world of mankind – so far-reaching – these qualities or whatever is called forth, and that there is no limit, really, to it.

You see, Beloved Group Leaders, in the future try to understand the need of your holding fast to the Ascended Masters’ Words. Look how long the Messengers read from the manuscript. While they have a privilege the Group Leaders do not have, there is not one thing they ever say that is not Our Words from the Dictations that are in the Books or private.

The outside world does not understand that perhaps, but nevertheless it is true. Therefore, that accounts for their success in this great achievement.

If all Group Leaders understood the need or reason for using the Ascended Masters’ Words that are Cups that carry those Qualities into their Group Activity and their Decrees, they would have no difficulty in making and holding harmony in their Group Activity.

You will notice in every single instance where discord came in, it was through an individual trying to assert their human opinions about it. In every single instance you will find that is the case.

The moment a Group Leader or anybody begins to lose that humbleness and feel their authority to dictate to somebody else, then trouble is brewing because the very condition will open them up to the discord that is surging everywhere. But that need not be done.

If every Group Leader and Student knew, really knew in their feeling, that their motive was known to the Ascended Masters, that there was not anything hidden, how different everything would be. It would keep them in that humbleness. It would keep the discord from intruding so often.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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