understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   If there is anyone who has anything in their feeling, known or unknown, that feels that I am not Real or Tangible, and that the Messenger has anything to do with these Dictations, then you must get it out of your system, because that cannot remain in your midst.

I know absolutely everything that is going on in each one’s thought and feeling. I am never deceived with what is in the feeling and motive of the individual; therefore, do not think for a moment that I am. But these things have reached this point now where We are so near reaching the apex.

Oh, I do not mean, Dear Ones, that one has to be as perfect as the Ascended Being for this to be done; but I am only asking certain simple things that anyone can give to make it possible.

In Kansas City when this great percentage was attained, and now when we have the opportunity to go on expanding it, surely there is no human desire that could have any part in it.

Oh, those Blessed Ones who have so recently accomplished the Ascension go forth with that great Love, pleading with the people, trying to have them understand that only so recently they were in limited forms, and now are Free.

How many there are in America today who could have that Freedom even as quickly, but all desire to have a feeling concerning another must vanish.

Oh, Beloved Ones, love and bless each other as you have never known or thought possible, and refuse to let one word or a single feeling arise in your criticism of each other. It must be done. If you forfeit the right now, then God help you. I do not mean by that that any harm would come to you, but it would mean you would be again in the outer world from which you came.

Oh, I wonder if you realize that you are no longer of the outer world. I wondered, oh, so much, and I longed so much to see in the audience (when the Great Divine Director said He held them in that Globe of Light drawn from the Cave of Light in India) those who realized a single thing of what He meant and how real it was.

But after all, great and tremendous is the Victory being won, in spite of all.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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