understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Mrs. Ballard:   Do we go to the Cave of Light in our Etheric Body or Higher Mental Body?

Saint Germain:   Which do you suggest?

Mrs. Ballard:   Well, our Etheric Body is nearest our physical body; but our Higher Mental Body is perfect and doesn’t need any perfecting.

Saint Germain:   That is a very good conclusion. I congratulate you.

Mrs. Ballard:   Haven’t we really been having the Action of the Cave of Light since the time we started?

Saint Germain:   Oh yes. I am glad to hear you determine to go in the Etheric Bodies, because that is really where you bring It into the outer more readily.

Mrs. Ballard:   What have we been working in?

Saint Germain:   The Higher Mental Body. You could not work in your Etheric Body in the Work you have been doing.

If you go to the Cave of Light, you won’t need your Sword of Blue Flame. You would be surprised how little about you needs to be cut away – I mean of your own creation. Of course you need the Sword of Blue Flame from outside influence; but because of your individual human creation, you don’t need It so much.

We must not prolong this longer, as I must return to Europe for the completion of Work I have been doing for seven months; and bringing It to this point, I trust It will be accomplished before seven o’clock your time here.

Mrs. Ballard:   Could we help if we went with You in our Higher Mental Bodies?

Saint Germain:   I think I will leave you an escort to the Cave of Light.

Do you, Dear Blessed Ones, realize what a determination like that means, for I felt the Charge within each one of you when you determined to visit the Cave of Light. Do you realize what a tremendous thing that means?

These things are real; and when you determine to go to a certain place like that, you go. Don’t you see, with that determination there isn’t anything that could stop you but yourself? When you determine to go to a place, you actually go.

Now, this being a Decree of your world, you are to determine whether you want to go in your Higher Mental Body or your Etheric Body; but you have already specified the Etheric Body to go into the Cave of Light, and that you will bring a greater Charge into your physical body.

Mrs. Ballard:   Let us go tonight to the Cave of Light and ask the Beloved Great Divine Director to consume the last fragment of our human creation; and when we come back into the physical, use all the Powers of our being and the Powers for our use – which “I AM”, with Ascended Master full Perfect Balance; and use these Powers only as the Ascended Masters do, and use that in the physical octave.

Saint Germain:   Excellent. And with My Love, Blessings, and Gratitude to one and all, I say goodnight.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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