understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   I have a question about my Tube of Light. Sometimes when we are in the atmosphere of discordant people, are we supposed to visualize the Tube of Light and expand It way out? Do you want us to expand the Tube of Light to enfold the whole audience when we are leading Classes, or do we just hold It close about us?    Saint Germain God Presence Chart

Saint Germain:   Hold It around yourself only. Never expand your Tube of Light to encompass the audience. When you go to encompass the audience, make them stand on their feet, and draw your own Tube of Light around you. Otherwise you are opening your Tube of Light around you, and that must never be done.

I think you had better take your firm stand and not open the Tube of Light to anything or anybody. If you want to give assistance, then call to your Higher Mental Body or the Light Ray to give the Assistance; and that keeps you out of their world.

The same way in your meditation:  Silently call and visualize this Ray going forth from your Higher Mental Body enfolding the audience; and then you remain physically untouched and you are rendering a Service far greater than if you expanded your Tube of Light, and it does not endanger you by influences coming into your own circle, because the Master never does that.

If He expands a Circle of Light about the audience, He holds His own about Him. You can call the “Presence” to do that which is required; but He never lets anyone within His own private Circle; and it would be well for you to take that same firm, determined stand.

Question:   Where does the Armor of Light come in?

Saint Germain:   That is the clothing, really. You see, your Armor of Light is like a close-fitting garment and comes within your Tube of Light.

Mrs. Ballard:   I have noticed whenever I have been sitting there projecting, and when You begin to do certain things, and I begin to take the Flame from my Heart and clothe the audience, that is a Force; and It goes there and controls everything for the time being.

Saint Germain:   You see, that is quite a different Action. Again, when you call forth the Power of the Unfed Flame or the Threefold Flame to do that, you have a wholly different Action from your Tube of Light, because that is the Higher Power of Action – the Threefold Flame and Unfed Flame.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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