understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   What can we do to release tension?

Saint Germain:   Since this comes to My Attention, I am going to suggest if all of you will remember where Chanada asked the Children to stretch out on their backs without any pillow and relax every muscle of the body. If everyone would practice that for ten minutes, you would be surprised how it will relax the body.

In almost everything you do you are sitting more or less like this (slouching) – sitting at the desk, typing, or whatever you are doing. Even when you are standing, you more or less slouch. Those habits form; and if you will watch yourself and practice this, you will have immediate relief. That is the inclination – to slouch – especially when you are a little tired. Immediately when you do that, you cramp the whole nervous flow of the spine, and that is how people get under such tension.

Question:   How do we keep from accepting human suggestions?

Saint Germain:   That is the way you gain Mastery and Victory. We give it no power to act, refuse acceptance of it, and call for its annihilation. That is the way to dispose of those things completely. Just because a thing seems to have gone into action in the outer is no reason to accept it as a permanent thing. If you did that, you would give way to all human creation.

That is how We never accept a thing that does not express the Perfection we want. Even though the human sense of it may have gone into action still do We not accept it, because if We did We would give it the power that would sustain it indefinitely, and We cannot afford to do that.

Especially in the physical octave, We bring forth such tremendous Power and refuse acceptance of all things less than Perfection; and if you will do that, you will one day have only Perfection acting in your world because you are constantly charging It forth.

Do you realize that when you call forth a Charge for definite Perfection, that you are holding a large percentage of that Charge in your own feeling world, because it is the Law. Whatever passes through your feeling world, you must retain a certain amount of it because it is the Law of Life.

And that is really the compensation from the earnest Desire for Perfection, and the reason why I have, from the beginning, ever since the Beloved Messengers went forth, kept prompting them to keep prompting the people to keep charging themselves; for if your feelings is following the attention, you, in a short time, would get so you could release on instant demand any amount of energy – Directing Intelligence of what you require – right on the dot at once.

But you see, unless you realize that all practice gains momentum in that, you are very apt to feel as though you are using unnecessary time.

Oh, My Blessed Ones, my goodness, ten minutes of Application in a quiet state will sustain and do more for you than hours would in the state when you had allowed disturbance to get in during that time. That is why, the first thing on getting on your feet in the morning, make the Charge and and compel the feeling to follow the attention.

You will soon gain a Power and Momentum that everything will be right there on demand. There will be no question about it at all.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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