understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Saint Germain:   Shall I tell you something that is positively the funniest thing in human beings? You know how you all used to eat, twenty or thirty years ago? Do you know that the energy required to handle all of that food was ten times that which you required for your own action.

Question: Isn’t that awful!

Saint Germain:   Absolutely. The consuming activity required within the stomach was ten times the energy you used in your daily action. So it is not any wonder that the stomach sends back what you send down sometimes. I do not know what mankind would have done if it had not been for that.

But think of all the civilizations – when they came to this point where Perfection had to come in, or complete the destruction of the outer form, in every case (an We have records of it), in every civilization that went down through cataclysm, they gorged themselves and could not handle the food.

Just think! In every civilization before its annihilation, that has occurred – just an orgy of gluttony. Really, if this Work had only done one thing, it would have rendered an inestimable Service to mankind – because this Teaching, through the Power of Radiation, is absolutely compelling from within, the refusal of acceptance of so much stuff in the stomach.

Well, if you could see, oh, My beloved Ones, just for one hour, what certain quantities and kinds of food, and I mean by that, what starches would do in your system in twenty-four hours.

For instance, just as an illustration; when you used to eat spaghetti, macaroni, fried potatoes, and about five or six slices of bread; and I mean by that, you know the sandwiches you used to eat – double slice of bread with just a tiny little bit of substance between; and sometimes if you were very hungry, you ate four of five.

If you could see for twenty-four hours the struggle of the stomach to eliminate and throw that out of the system, I tell you, it would be the greatest revelation ever given to mankind! I would suggest to Beloved Godfre that he does not mix grilled pineapple and cauliflower.

Mr. G. W. Ballard:   (laughter) Was that what was the matter with me? That certainly had a battle down there, all right. It is still growling. I appreciate knowing the certain combinations that certainly don’t set well internally with me.

Saint Germain:   Precious Ones, it really is so easy if one just looks at this from a natural standpoint. How wonderfully you can govern these things that make the struggle of the human seem so much less.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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