understanding the “i am”…that is you…

“Question:   Please explain about Energy, Substance, and Intelligence you have mentioned.

Saint Germain:   I tell you, this is vital, because it is true that Energy, Substance, and Intelligence which goes forth from the “Presence” is Light! It is Light-Substance! Therefore, it is the same as when you turn on the light in the room – the Light dissolves human qualities and discord.  If these Students who are having inharmony in their homes, good Heavens, if they would only realize that, they could stop all arguments and would be able to release such peace and power in the home that everybody would become harmonized.

I say to you tonight, as you value your future progress, do not allow a single thought of criticism, judgment, or condemnation to enter your feelings. Now I tell you, you are doing marvelously well; but there is still some chance for improvement. It is vital, Beloved Ones!

You must realize that you are the Heart of this Great Light that is to save America and the world. If you cannot harmonize yourselves and keep it so, how do you expect the rest of the world to do it?

Question:   Please explain the need for obedience.

Saint Germain:   I say to you with all the Love in My Heart – and I congratulate you on the Victory you have won thus far; keep it up absolutely, until the full Commanding Power of the “Presence” is in action through your mind and body. But please do give obedience to the things I ask if you want Me to give you the Assistance.

The human cannot possible know – it never knows what is best. It gets impatient and rushes in to do the thing humanly that the Powers of the “Presence” would do possibly better.

So that is the need: you must all stand guard over yourselves; and as you all know, there is no letting down. There is no failing to stand guard over yourself and your world until your Ascension.  What gains momentum? Your sincere Application!

Question:   What is the best way to proceed?

Saint Germain:   With the Power of Divine Love.

Once understood, you can cause It to become the Threefold Flame. Do not discuss this with others! We are soon going to bring the comprehension to the point where We can, in connection with the Violet Consuming Flame from below, bring forth the Power of the Unfed Flame from Above, that will make a powerful Consuming Activity; and it is through this Action that We have been able to accomplish all that has been done.  We released the Power of the Threefold Flame to meet the Violet Consuming Flame, which makes an All-powerful Activity.

Question:  They meet at the Heart, don’t they?

Saint Germain:   Yes. Perhaps We should designate the meeting point is at the throat rather than at the Heart, because the Action of the Unfed Flame, acting within the Heart, begins to rise from the Heart; and I would rather you think of it as a “meeting”.

Think of it in that manner – as the Power Center, which is the throat. That will be a tremendous thing to govern and control the power of speech, or shall we say the impulse of speech.”

Beloved Saint Germain

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